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INspired by the beauty of RAJASTHAN

The idea of entering the world of art popped up in my mind when I was going to graduate from high school. The idea came to me when I visited a historic place in Rajasthan and at that point, I was thoroughly flattered when I contemplated the beauty of hand stone carving there. Even after so many years, I was surprised to see similar beauty of carving. I was so mesmerised when I saw the hand stone carving that I started designing the products on paper.
Since then I have been tending to originate this studio and to make this whole journey more beautiful and meaningful. I have visited Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Amer, and many other beautiful palaces of Rajasthan. And, that is where I get my inspiration from.
With colourful artifacts of India now we begin our work with you
Everyone wants luxury things. But not everyone can get those things. Kamalika Art Studios’ goal is to produce and provide at an affordable price.

Who does not love luxury at an affordable price?
Our products can intensify the beauty of the interior. We have a beautiful collection of marble sculptures, inlay flooring, quartz surface for kitchen vanity and many more things made for

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